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Infant Massage helps to create a lasting bond between parent and child. Infant massage is focused, sensitive touch that can increase a parent's ability to understand and respond to the infant's needs. Giving massage can increase a parent's understanding of a baby's non-verbal cues and their confidence in caring for their infant. Children and infants who receive massage have shown improved sleep patterns, reduced stress, gained weight faster, developed both mentally and physically beyond normal expectations.

The four one-hour classes can be taught to parents in my office or a home setting. The fee of $140 per family covers the training of parents by a certified instructor, Infant Massage Handbook, handouts and certificates.

The infants must be between one month and five months old. A minimum of three families and a maximum of five families are required to form a class.

Infant massage training is focused at creating a bond between the child and parents. All the massage strokes are performed on the infant by the parents with instructions from the therapist. The therapist will demonstrate the various stoked on a doll and not the infant.

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